11 on the 11th {February} | Our family gets a little bigger (Rockville, MD Baby Photographer)

This month’s 11 on the 11th is a very special one for our family. Why? Well, on February 8th 2013, at 10:22am, we welcomed Brooks Nolan to the Teran Family!

Rockville, MD Baby Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

He weighed in at 8 lbs, 10 oz! A shocker for us because big sister was almost two whole pounds smaller than that when she was born! But it turns out that with these extra pounds, comes extra snuggles and extra cuteness:PWe are so happy that baby boy is finally here and I cannot wait to take him home tomorrow. Since I am writing from my hospital room, a little foggy from sleep deprivation, I am going to keep the writing short on this post. So sit back and just enjoy some of my favorite images from our first few days with Brooks <3

Like this one, his soapy little toes during his first bath..

Rockville, MD Baby Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

hehe, and look at that little dimple on his cheek! I am beyond excited to have a chubby cheeked little guy and the fact that he has *dimples* on these chubby cheeks is just icing on the already awesome cake:)

Rockville, MD Newborn Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

Big sister Caely is just so full of love <3

Rockville, MD Baby Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

Rockville, MD Baby Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

Rockville, MD Baby Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

Rockville, MD Baby Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

The way he slept with his little tongue poking out just made my heart melt…

Rockville, MD Baby Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

And like each month, my post is going to end with a self portrait of myself with my kid (or kids¬†from now on, I guess!):)I’m so happy that we have this rule in place because I know that at the end of this project I am going to look back at this collection of images and be so thankful to have pictures with me in them! This picture was the last belly shot that I took, and possibly one of my favorites:)

Rockville, MD Baby Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

And there you have it! I can’t wait to see what this next month has in store for us! If you would like to keep up with our day to day family life, please come follow my 365 project on my Facebook page!

Next up in our blog circle is the amazing Laura Morita Photography. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this month!! Click HERE to follow the circle to her blog:)And I will see you on next month’s 11:)

xoxo Tonya

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Alison Janki - I am soooooo happy for you all and these images are such a treasure!!
Brooks is absolutely perfect and I love his chubby cheeks!! I love seeing Caely’s excited and proud expressions… What a doll. Amazing job documenting the first few days of this new little blessing!! I can’t wait to see your at home newborn images!! Squeal!!!! xoxo

sally - ohmygosh, sooo in love. what a sweetie, and such a beautiful momma and older sister!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Marie - I just love this special glimpse into your new family. Such happiness and you are the most gorgeous pregnant lady!!

Emily Burke - Gorgeous Tonya. Can’t wait to see photos of you with both kids :)

Summer Murdock - Tonya, you are making me want to have a 5th baby…so stop it right now because that can NEVER happen. HA.. These are so beautiful..so so happy for you. CONGRATS

Fran Barker - You.are.AMAZING!!! I am so excited for you and your family. He is beyond gorgeous and she looks like an amazing big sister. These are priceless, seriously priceless! xoxo

Anne Kerr - How in the world?!?! I knew you were amazing but now I know you actually ARE superwoman. These are all amazing and such a treasure to have….Congrats girl, so happy for you. Enjoy that perfect baby boy!!

Leah - Tonya, first of all congratulations on your gorgeous, chunky little man! These photos are so beautiful, thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your first few precious moments with your perfect little family.

Chrystal - Congrats Tonya!! Brooks is such an adorable little chub. I am sure Caely is over the moon being a big sister now and finally seeing her “Bear”. Thanks for sharing those moments with us. Warmest wishes to your family.

Taryn Boyd - TONYA!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?????? He is perfect! I love these moments captured. it makes me want to travel back in time and get images like this of my boys (or maybe have anther one). CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition. I can’t freaking wait to see all the amaziness you capture for March. oxoxoxoxo Love ya!

Peggie Rinehuls - Bear is here! Awesome pictures, congrats, Teran family!! Love love lil’ Baby Brooks, can’t wait to see more pictures!!!

Erica Burns - Congratulations! He is beautiful.

Laura Morita-Yeun - You’re amazing. Truly amazing. Brooks is adorably chubby and dimply and perfect. And Caely is such a proud and beautiful big sister. And you, Tonya, you are crazy beautiful. Sheesh. Congratulations! I bet Brooks looks perfectly perfect in his beautiful nursery.

Carrie - The most divine addition to your family! Congratulations x

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