Happy 1st Birthday Hunter! | Virginia Birthday Photographer

I first met Hunter and his sweet family last June when he was 4 months old. I was so lucky to be able to see him three times over his first year and capture so many memories for his momma and daddy:)I love being able to see my Baby Planner babies grow from teeny little babies into toddlers, bursting with personality! Can you believe how much he changed over that first year?? Adorable, right??


Well, we had Hunter’s 1st birthday session this past February and I was so excited because it had been a long, long time since I’d had a little boy cake smash and I was dying to make a blue cake. Don’t get me wrong, I love pink and frilly things, but was ready for a little boy to smash up some cake:)And Hunter did not disappoint! He gave me one of my favorite cake smash images of all time:

NOVA Cake Smash Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

And this one is pretty cute too:)

NOVA Cake Smash Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography


Of course, we also took some non-cake images and I love them just as much! Hunter was a very busy little guy at our session, constantly on the move. But looking cute the whole time! Happy Birthday Hunter:)

NOVA Cake Smash Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

NOVA Cake Smash Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

NOVA Cake Smash Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

NOVA Cake Smash Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

NOVA Cake Smash Photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

Jeni - Oh my goodness, what a cutie! I LOVE that cake pic where he is about to lick the cake. He has the cutest little smile in these. You can tell he’s a happy kid. Great job.

sally - He’s so cute, and I LOVE your processing on all of these! So creamy and soothing. Beautiful work.

Susan Bartolini - This is an adorable session. I love your lighting and processing. The cake-lick photo is just too much. Cute cute cute…and a gorgeous family as well!

Marie - So in love with the creamy-ness! Beautiful!

Megan - wow, I love these! You got such an amazing amount of variety!

Emily - Okay…the one with him over the cake…could not be better! Wonderful work with such a cutie pie!

kristin - what a beautiful family! i love all the expressions you got..and that cake looks yummy! I bet mom & dad are thrilled!

Lynn - Wow, so many cute ones it’s impossible to pick a favourite. I love your processing in these and that one where he’s leaning over the cake is SUCH a wondering capture!

Claudette - What a gorgeous family!!! I love all the colors you used and the one with the cake is just so precious, awesome job on these! I’m sure they are thrilled with them!

Fran Barker - What a beautiful little boy and family!! That cake smash picture is one of my all time favorite smash pictures as well! Awesome work.

Alison Janki - Oh my gosh…I love the tongue out cake smash picture!! He is adorable, great images and what a gorgeous family!! wow …

Heather - What a wonderful session of this little guy’s first birthday. I love the variety and the joy you captured!

Taryn Boyd - Love these. The cake picture is the best!!