Light and Shadows – April | Rockville, MD Newborn Baby and Family Photographer

Welcome to the fourth edition of my monthly blog project! Each month we pick a different light source as our theme and (thankfully :p) that is the only “rule” of the blog circle this year:)(If you would like to take a peek back at last month’s post you can see that HERE). It has been such a challenge for me to work with a theme each month…I’ll be the first to admit that normally themes aren’t my thing:)But I honestly have enjoyed thinking out of my normal vision for this project! And I’m proud that I’ve had at least one image each month to participate with! The theme for April is chiaroscuro….a theme that I had to do a bit of research on before I could even attempt to shoot an image for! When I googled the term, I found this definition of chiaroscuro:  the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. I also found a lot of examples of 17th century artwork and portraits using this lighting and loved the classic feel and wanted to try to make my image look like a painting:)If I succeeded at that, ehh…I’m not really sure :p but I did learn something this month and really want to play around with it some more. I wish I’d had more time and taken more images but April started my busy season with photography (get ready for lots of awesome pink blossom-y trees in my future blog posts!):) Classic baby portrait | Rockville, MD Newborn baby and family photographer | Tonya Teran PhotographyFather and baby | Rockville, MD Newborn baby and family photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

Father and baby | Rockville, MD Newborn baby and family photographer | Tonya Teran Photography

This last image was a sort of last minute addition:)Honestly the end of the month totally snuck up on me and my plans for taking chiaroscuro images of Caely didn’t happen as I’d planned…but I didn’t want to leave her out!! And I do love this image of her sweet little face <3 Her 6th birthday is right around the corner and there is just something about this shot of her…she looks so small and innocent… Rockville, MD Newborn baby and family photographer | Tonya Teran Photography I hope you enjoyed my images this month:)Next up in our circle is the fabulous Linsday Farber Photography! You can see her post HERE :)She’s new to our circle and has the cuuutest chubbiest baby <3

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Laura Morita-Yeun - Oh my word! You ROCKED it! I looooove these. Just love!

Lina - I love it, love the ones with daddy. One day he will appreciate them so much. Beautiful!

Lynn - OMG how cute is your baby?! And his dad too :) The pictures most definitely have an old masters painting quality to them. Really beautifully done. I’m so glad we got one of your daughter too. She’s just too cute to leave out!

Lindsay Faber - So so so sweet Tonya. I might eat your baby. Ridiculously adorable. I agree, that last one of your sweet girl does make her look so small AND so innocent. How perfect.